Our Chapter Officers


Chapter President

Shermeicka Bacon

1st Vice President

Samanatha Anderson
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2nd Vice President

Jasmine Jones

Recording Secretary

Jennifer Giles

Assistant Secretary

Alisha Miller

Corresponding Secretary

Valerie Taylor


Christa Dunn

Financial Secretary

Marcia Gross

Asst. Financial Secretary

Joyce Nicholson


Kim Parker-Brown

Keeper of the Door

Sabra Wilson


Bridgett Rice

Ivy Leaf Reporter/Historian

Anchalee Steele


Veda Stewart

Member-at-Large Chairman

Joy Coles

Member-at-Large Co-Chairman

Chioma Brown

Membership Chairman

Catreece Madison

Membership Co-Chairman

LaTisha Cox

EKU Graduate Advisor

Danielle Yearby

EKU Graduate Advisor, Asst.

Dana Carter

UK Graduate Advisor

Denise Hayden

UK Graduate Advisor, Asst.

Nizida Williams

Morehead Graduate Advisor

Martina Martin

Morehead Graduate Advisor, Asst.

Shermeicka Bacon

Nominating Committee Chairman

Lawyna Parish

Nominating Committee

Kim Harriford

Nominating Committee

Francene L. Botts

Nominating Committee

Margie Wilson

Nominating Committee

Yolanda Costner

Presidents’ Council Chairman

Glenda George
When life’s hills become too steep to climb on my own, my sister takes my hand and reminds me that I didn’t have to climb it alone to begin with. -Unknown
Valinda Livingston
pearl member

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